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Complete results of the May 2017 Special District Elections in Clatsop County can be found here



FRANK SPENCE, Position #5

There’s a real chance to change things for the better at the Port this election. I’ve served on the Port of Astoria budget committee for two years and understand much about the Port’s workings. We now have a competent manager at the Port, and my responsibility as a commissioner would be to help set smart policies so he can do his job.

My methods are simple: I listen to staff and the public so I can prevent problems and identify and resolve issues. This is what I’ve done serving on the Astoria Planning Commission and the County Charter Review Committee. I make sure to be well prepared, ask good questions, and take principled, practical stands.

I worked as a city manager and county administrator in Florida for 45 years. My goal was to serve the residents by building a strong, healthy organization.
I’ve also helped with the Cruise Ship Hosts, Encore, the Downtown Association, Kiwanis, the Astoria Senior Center, and the North Coast Chorale. I enjoy working with others and look forward to strengthening the Port of Astoria to benefit our entire county.

DIRK ROHNE, Position #2

The Port of Astoria is an important economic asset to our entire county. My experience in managing my business - a diary farm in Brownsmead -  gives me hands-on experience in balancing a budget, working well with others, and investing wisely in projects that will pay off in the future. As a parent I have a keen interest in a robust and healthy economy for our county.

I worked with both the potential and the challenges of Clatsop County while serving on the Clatsop Community College Board and two terms as Clatsop County Commissioner. I always want to find the best way to deal with many difficult situations in business and public service. I have not backed down from my obligations to those whom I was elected to serve.

The Port of Astoria is special district which serves and benefits all of Clatsop County. It is my hope to bring an intelligent and independent approach that will help put the port on an even keel. With stability can come public trust and positive working relationships with our community, local, state, and national partners. In that sort of stable environment I believe challenges can be dealt with and progress can be made. I would like to be part of creating a bright future for the Port of Astoria.


PATRICK WINGARD, Zone 2, Position 2

It’s been my privilege to serve on the Clatsop Community College Board of Directors since 2012.  If reelected, I will continue to advocate for increased local, state and federal investment in our community college.  I am keenly interested in advancing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics-based curricula at CCC while expanding dual-credit opportunities for our local high school students. Our college enjoys a highly talented and engaging faculty, hard-working student body and dedicated staff.  CCC's urban campus and its strong sense of place, along with the MERTS and Seaside, campuses set us apart from other academic institutions.  In this era of skyrocketing tuition, health care and housing costs, CCC is well-positioned to grow its enrollment and solidify its standing as the premier college in the region with outstanding return on investment for its students. 

I am proud to have voted for CCC to opt out of the ill-conceived 1.4 billion dollar timber lawsuit.  I am also proud to have voted for CCC to retain ownership and control of the Performing Arts Center and Josie Peper properties. 

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University in 1993 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.  I moved to Oregon in 1996 and have lived in Clatsop County since the year 2000.  I am currently employed as a land use planner with the State of Oregon while also serving on the Governor's North Coast Regional Solutions Team.  Thank you for your support!


MINDY STOKES, Position #1

Clatsop County residents deserve the option of living and rehabilitating close to home and their loved ones. I worked for the Clatsop Care Health District for four years  as Social Services Director and then as Administrator of Clatsop Care Memory Community. My experience with the district, staff, and residents showed me how to improve services and strengthen the district for the long term. I will continue to be an advocate for seniors and their families at the Clatsop Care Center, the Clatsop Retirement Village, Clatsop In-Home Care, and the Memory Community.  I am committed to increasing employee wages and keeping good paying jobs in the community.

I've been active in the community since moving here in 2007 and have worked at Clatsop Community College as an instructor in the Lives in Transition and Women's Studies programs since 2008. I produced a dozen community events for the college, including The Clothesline Project and The Vagina Monologues. I have hands-on knowledge of how the District works, changes that need to be made for the viability of the organization, and of the needs of our community for these important facilities.


PAMELA ALEGRIA, Position 4 (Incumbent)
 (Currently serving in this position as an appointed commissioner).

As a lifetime user of transit, I believe that transit provides mobility for all and lessens air pollution and traffic congestion.  I would like to continue serving on SETD to provide the best transportation system in terms of infrastructure, connectivity, sustainable financing, comfort, and access.

My experience as a planner for the City of Warrenton and for the Oregon Department of Transportation will help guide the district’s decision-making. Community connectedness has been a major focus of my other public service: Citizens Advisory Committees: Multnomah and Clackamas Counties’ Street Design Guidelines, Portland Pedestrian Plan, Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, and Transportation Planning Rule for Portland, Clackamas County, Washington County, and Metro. My Master of Planning degree from Portland State University where I studied land use and transportation is an asset to this position.

I look forward to strengthening Clatsop County’s public transportation system, a fundamental economic asset to our county.


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  1. Thank you to Indivisible North Coast Oregon for posting these bios and lending support for candidates up here on the North Coast. It's crucial that progressives stay focused and engaged in local politics, and you all are doing good work keeping people energized.

    It's been great to get involved as a candidate and I look forward to this month of campaigning, meeting new Astorians and hearing what people really care about in these local races. Cheers!